yoga and meditationThe festival starts on Saturday 3rd August and we invite you to arrive from 2pm onwards. We will be offering an optional guided site tour at 6pm then providing an evening meal between 7pm to 8pm.  The opening ceremony will start around 8:30pm.   The festival ends on Thursday 8th August with a closing ceremony in the morning followed by lunch. The venue kindly asks all participants to have left the site by 3pm at the latest.

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Each days starts with a choice of a meditation or yoga session. These will be different each day to allow you to experience some great ways to really get into the day! We will then offer you a buffet breakfast which you can eat in the dining areas or wander off and sit under the trees. Breakfast is a leisurely way to catch up with others or to soak in the wondrous energies that are sure to be everywhere.

After breakfast there will be a short meeting to let you know of any announcements, to hear what the workshops will be that day and to share your experiences and connect with others.

There will be morning and afternoon workshop sessions and we will aim to offer you two or more topics to choose from each session. Many of the facilitators will be offering two workshops on different days of the festival so you will get a great chance to experience both the amazing diversity of subjects and also the wondrous styles of many teachers.  The subjects cover topics such as intimacy, dancing, tantra, self empowerment, performance, breathwork, conscious bodywork, kink and more.

ritualIn the afternoon are more workshops plus spaces for people to create their own rituals, impromptu workshops and other spaces, followed later by dinner.  After we have eaten, the evening presents us with time for some sumptuous delights such as dancing, cuddle and play parties, tantric events, fire ceremonies, live music and of course, no festival would be complete without a cabaret allowing people to bring their wondrous gifts for all to share.hang out


Running alongside all this there will be spaces for you to relax, chill or connect with others. We have a sauna and hot tub, Temple of Love, House of Heaven with plenty of beautiful places to soak in the sun (naked if you like!)


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Queers, Straights, Gays, Trans folk, Bisexuals, Sex therapists, Multisexuals, Sexual explorers, Heterosexuals, Pansexuals, Lesbians, Homosexuals, Dykes, Intersex, Disabled, Liberated, Poofs, Open Hearted, Faeries, Bois, Transgender, Questioners, Sex workers, Asexuals, Bi-Gendered, Genderqueer, Transsexuals, Curious people, Open Minded, QPOC, Those without labels ...



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