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Being a festival worker is a wonderful way to enjoy the event for a reduced price, to make new friends and to 'be a part' of the festival. All festival workers pay just £100 for their festival ticket (assuming you are happy to go with camping as your accommodation, if you prefer to stay in a dormitory then the price is £130).

We ask that you work for a total of around 25 hours during the festival, which is typically split into 2 hours on the first and last days and four hours for the other days.  You will be working with a team of other people to get tasks done in a tight schedule and it is important that you are prepared to commit to that. You will also have one day where you will be a "helper", so on hand to help set up and take down workshops plus other jobs if any of this is needed.

 We ask that you will:

  • bulletbe able to arrive at the venue by 12:30pm on the first day.
  • bulletbe able to stay until 3pm on the last day.
  • bulletturn up on time for each and every shift you are assigned to.
  • bulletwork all the hours assigned to you.
  • bulletbe prepared to work as part of a team.
  • bulletbe aware that the reason you get a reduced price for the festival is in return for the work you will do!
  • bulletattend any scheduled worker meetings during the festival (these may be in addition to your work time. They will be kept to a minimum.)

We also ask that :

  • bulletto the best of your knowledge, you are in good physical and mental health and able to work. 
  • bulletyou understand that we will try to work where possible with some of your preferences for attending workshops, but we can make no guarantee as to what parts of the festival you will be required to work and so you may sometimes miss morning meetings, share circles, some workshops etc.
  • bulletyou accept that festival worker places are limited and so we can not guarantee everyone that applies will be offered one. Please do tell us of any previous experiences you have had as a worker etc.

If you have read through all the above and feel like this is just right for you, please keep an eye out for the invitation to apply either here, on our Facebook page or our newsletter for which you can subscribe on the home page. (Please accept our apologies as until Feb 2020 this page asked applicants to "please email Quinky" which is not the case for this year's festival.)

If you are offered a place we will contact you with details on how to pay. We will also send you some information before the festival specific to the worker places and it is important you read and understand this - please do contact us at any time with any questions.

Please note that once we have accepted you as a worker and you have paid, we will not then be able to refund any of your payment if you decide to cancel, unless we are able to fill your space with another person, in which case we will refund you 25% of what you paid, provided it is before the refund cut-off date as detailed in the booking terms and conditions. (Please do consider that once we have said Yes, we really do want you to come, so do please read the above and ensure you really can commit to coming for the entire festival as a worker.)   ♥

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