Be even more a part of this festival.

Quintasensual is very much about building community and the summer festival is a great example of that - the facilitators participate, some of the participants share skills and knowledge, connections are made and so much more. Listed below are some of the great ways that may interest you in being a part of the Quintasensual vibe...

    • Run a workshop or two

    If you feel up to being a full facilitator running two full length workshops and helping with a few other tasks, please do look at the information for facilitators.  If instead you are thinking you would like to run a smaller workshop during the week you can come as a participant and then use the afternoon open spaces.


    • Be a part of our sacred sluts team

    A now established and important part of Quintasensual are our team of sacred sluts.  If this is something you feel drawn to please do read more and apply.

    • Volunteer to work during the festival

    Every year there are places available for people that would like to work at the festival as part payment for attending. Places do get taken very quickly so do contact us as soon as you are certain you can attend and have read the information under  I'm interested in being a worker

    Start planning a performance!

There will be a cabaret show on the last night for anyone that wishes to entertain us with comedy, burlesque, song, dance, boylesque, drag, monologues, magic, surreal, avant-garde and any other entertainment you can think of!

  • Start collecting goodies!

Playful fun and exploration through dressing up and make-up always goes down a treat!  Dressing up items you may want to start collecting together could be hats, dresses, trousers, boa's, shirts, blouses, kinky and fun stuff etc!  Body decorations, nail-varnish, make-up and body paint are always welcome!   Plus also feel free to bring items just for you or to share at the festival if you wish.

  • Share your skills

If you enjoy offering fun things such as face/body painting, nails painting, make-up, dressing up, circus skills etc just for the love of it, you may wish to think about bringing your "toolkit" to the festival to share during free time and afternoon open spaces.

  • Publicise the festival and this website

Feel free to put a link to us on your own social media pages, blogs and websites (there is even a nice banner you can use on the Links page) If you have been before do let people know how amazing it was in your social media pages. Put up posters, talk to people, spread the word!


Please use the "Contact Us" link if you have have any questions around becoming involved.

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