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2020 sees Quintasensual returning to the amazing venue at Earth Spirit for the seventh successive year (read about previous years.) This is a place of connection, acceptance, love and exploration celebrating spirituality and conscious sexuality and embracing queer sexualities, of all genders, bodies, sexual preferences and beliefs.  

Some festivals and workshops are "just for ..."  however this festival is open to queer adults that want to explore the many aspects of being human through creative play, through breath and energy, through love and connection. It follows the belief that every queer person has within them the polarities of existence that some call "yin and yang" or "masculine & feminine" or "giver & receiver". It will be a place where up to 100 people will join together in the highs and lows of being a divine person.

the spa areaYou arrive on the Saturday afternoon ready for the opening ceremony in the evening, then there are four full days and nights of workshops, parties, rituals, chilling, connecting, eating, loving and discovering! Being a festival you get to choose just what you want to do each day be that taking in a workshop or two or relaxing in the wonderful landscapes. We have a wonderful spa with a hot tub and sauna, there is a sacred tree circle,  and some gorgeous spaces to hang out, chill, connect with nature and just be you. Nudity is allowed in most of the site so if if you love the freedom of a clothes free zone you can really just let go, but likewise if you love dressing up you can wear whatever you want.  The workshops will cover a wide range of topics to allow yourself to "just be", exploring meditation, dance, massage, yoga, breath work, tantra, kink, nature and more.  In the evenings we will have dances, rituals, playtimes and of course no festival would be complete without a cabaret!

NatureThe starting festival price includes camping in the sacred camp site allowing that 'connected with nature' experience but also there are various alternative accommodation options for you to choose from. Also included in the price are your meals each day which are sure to leave you feeling delightfully nourished.

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Pricing for 2020 is as follows: Very Early Bird prices (till 31/01/20), Early Bird prices (till 31/03/20) and Normal pricing. If you would like to donate any money towards Solidarity Tickets (Subsidised Tickets) then please indicate that in the booking form. Contact us if you would like to pay by instalments.

A welcome place for...

Queers, Straights, Gays, Trans folk, Bisexuals, Sex therapists, Multisexuals, Sexual explorers, Heterosexuals, Pansexuals, Lesbians, Homosexuals, Dykes, Intersex, Disabled, Liberated, Poofs, Open Hearted, Faeries, Bois, Transgender, Questioners, Sex workers, Asexuals, Bi-Gendered, Genderqueer, Transsexuals, Curious people, Open Minded, QPOC, Those without labels ...



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