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If you can't find the answer to your question below, please do contact us with any questions, queries and concerns you may have using the Contact Us link on the menu.

{slider Where and when is Quintasensual 2020?}

The event will run from Saturday 22 August (arrive afternoon for the evening opening ceremony) and end after lunch on Thursday 27 August and will be held at the wonderful Earth Spirit Centre in Somerset, UK 

{slider How can I book my place?}

Take a look at the booking pages here

{slider How I do I get to the festival?}

Our Location page has information on getting to the festival and also a link to a travel share web site.

{slider How much does it cost?}

Pricing for the event can be found on the Booking page.

The basic price includes all food and camping for the week. There are also options to pay extra if you prefer a room rather than camping. There will be a small number of worker places available - Click here to find out more

{slider What payment options are there?}

You will be able to pay by debit/credit card, PAYM or bank transfer (Fastpay etc). There is also the option to pay by cheque but please note that your booking is not fully processed until all funds are cleared. This could influence our ability to meet your accommodation choices.   We also offer payment plans (see below.)

{slider Do you offer 'payment plans'?}

We have aimed to keep the price as affordable as we can but appreciate that this may still be difficult for some people to pay in one go. Please do contact us if you would prefer to pay by instalments (five consecutive monthly payments with the first payment starting no later than 1st March.)

{slider Do you offer day or weekend tickets?}

One of the aims of the festival is to create an "evolving and safe space" for people, so it is sold that everyone comes for the entire thing, from the opening ceremony / rituals on the Tuesday onwards (we have structured the programme and workshops to introduce people into the space at the start and then to open up deeper as the week progresses.)  
We therefore do not offer day or weekend passes as we know it can be disturbing for some people when new faces arrive part way through etc.

{slider I'm not sure if I count myself as "Queer" - does that matter?}

One of the aims of this festival is to show that labels can often get in the way. Some people say being 'queer' just means you recognise that there are not just two well defined types of people on this planet (masculine men and feminine women!) but a complete range. Even if you consider yourself totally straight, if you recognise others are not and would love to be in a place that celebrates diversity we would love you to join us.

{slider Who can come to the event?}

We welcome everyone aged 18 and over. There will quite likely be nudity and most definitely an abundance of genders, sexualities and physical appearances and so if you feel uncomfortable with any of this perhaps this event is not for you, but otherwise you will be extremely welcome to join us.

{slider Are there worker places?}

We have a few worker places available for those that wish to work part time at the event to reduce their ticket price. If you are interested please click here to read more / apply.

{slider What sort of accommodation is available?}

Standard accommodation will be camping. You will also be able to purchase various 'upgrades'  from a range of rooms styles and facilities. Most rooms will be shared but there will be a very limited number of single occupancy rooms available. Full details of all the accommodation can be found on the booking pages.

{slider How do I know who I will be sharing a room with?}

When you book you can give us some information around your preferences. If you are booking with someone or would like to share with particular people then as long as you let us know as soon as possible we will try to arrange it, although we can not make any guarantees about room allocation. If you are coming on your own, part of the fun is meeting your new room mate(s) !

{slider How accessible is the event?}

There are rooms that are accessible and we do have one room with full wheelchair access. We have in previous years had participants attend with various accessibility requirements including wheelchair access, and they have been very happy and found the event worked well for them.    We do strongly suggest however that if you have a carer / assistant etc in your day to day life that they come with you to the event. 

{slider Is there a dress code?}

Not really other than anything goes. This is a place for you to be how you want to be and perhaps even discover new ways of being.

{slider Will there be nudity at the event?}

The venue is very happy with nudity in almost all parts of the site, inside and out. There are some great spaces for those that like to embrace nakedness and sun worship. Some of the workshops may include nudity or offer it as an option, but this will always be made clear to everyone before starting.

{slider How intimate will the workshops be?}

All workshops, rituals etc will make it clear what level of intimate connection, if any, will take place during the session. Remember that even though you may associate the word 'intimacy' to mean sex, it is often more about creating connections and trust with others.

{slider What sort of workshops and events are taking place?}

There will be a selection of workshops each day covering a diverse range of topics so you can pick which teachers and topics appeal to you. The evenings will also offer plenty to keep you occupied including a sauna and hot tub as well as places to chill, connect, play and celebrate.  Rest assured, there will be no shortage of things for you to do, plus of course you are free to just hang, relax and chill as much or as little as you want to! See the Festival menu for more details.

{slider Will there be ways to help with my emotional well-being?}

Part of the conditions you agree to when booking to come along is that we ask you to look after your own emotional (and physical) well being, however all the people creating workshops are experienced in holding these sort of spaces. We will also create a network of support and holding available to all participants and  we will have people at the festival with counselling and emotional support backgrounds.

{slider What will we be eating?}

Your ticket includes breakfast, midday and evening meals as well as complimentary hot drinks all day. We will also have a café selling yummy delights for those that like a little extra snack or sweet treat! All food will be vegetarian and we will aim to also ensure plenty of choice for a vegan diet. We will endeavour to ensure food is labelled when it contains diary, nuts, wheat. honey etc   When you book your ticket you will have the ability to let us know of any particular dietary requirements.

{slider What about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs?}

At an event such as this there are often chances of emotions being stirred and interesting energies being generated and we would like to suggest that refraining from indulging in alcohol and other substances during your stay will better help you enjoy it. Tantra often can get you into those altered states of conciousness just as easily! All workshop facilitators do have the right to refuse you entry to a session if they feel you are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. This is to protect both your and others emotional and physical well-being.  Alcohol will not be on sale at the festival. Smoking is not permitted inside the buildings and we would ask that you restrict smoking to the designated Temple garden.  

{slider When can I arrive? Can I arrive early or stay on after the event?}

You can arrive any time from 2pm on the Saturday. We will offer you an evening meal and then hold an opening ceremony starting at around 8:30pm (exact times will be confirmed later.)  On the Thursday we will hold the closing ceremony followed by lunch and request all participants to have left the venue by 4pm at the latest. Unfortunately there is not an option for people to arrive early or stay later at the venue, but we will be supplying ways to allow people to make connections before hand, so you may well be able to find couch surfs, camps and other things going on.

{slider What do I need to bring?}

All food and refreshments are provided as are things like yoga mats and cushions if needed, however bringing items to lie on / 'nesting' are always handy! If you are staying in accommodation other than camping, all the bed linen is provided. In all cases you are asked to bring your own towels for washing / showering use and you may also want to bring extra towels for laying/sitting on in the sun and at the sauna and hot tub (a few towels will be available for hire from Wednesday lunchtime.)  A sarong, although not essential, often comes in handy.

{slider What about musical instruments?}

Out of consideration for their neighbours, the venue does not allow outside drumming but welcomes other instruments and singing outside. Drumming (and other music) is allowed in the workshop rooms.

{slider How planet friendly is this event?}

  • Earth Spirit Centre has an ethos around sustainability and integrates as much of this as it is able into the site and the way the centre is run and maintained. 
  • Our aim is to provide as much local and organic produce as is practicable for the meals.
  • We will find ways in the build up to the event to encourage and allow for transportation sharing.

If you are coming to the festival by plane or car you might want to look at offsetting the carbon emission from your journey.

Planting trees - Woodland trust has a simple way to allow you to offset your carbon emissions by the use of trees.
The Carbon Neutral calculator
allows you to donate money to carbon offsetting projects.

{slider What do you do with the information I provide when booking?}

The information you provide is used to process your booking. We also need to pass on contact information to the venue as they are required to hold this for the duration of the event. The email address you give us will be added to the venues mailing list unless you tell us not to do this (when you book or at a later date.) The email address will also be added to the Quintasensual mail list so that we can keep you up to date with news and information about the festival. You can un-subscribe at any time. We will also use some of your registration information to create an account for you on the website as part of the booking system.. All credit/debit card information is processed by an external company and is not stored in any form by Quintasensual.  The full Privacy policy can be read from the menu link at the base of every page and also via this link


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