Koinonia warmly invites you to a person-positive* evening in East London - lovingly and lavishly woven from the threads of sex and spirit, heart and hedonism, consciousness and carnality.

The event is inspired by, and structured around, the Elements:

- Air/Mind is a dance floor, encouraging ecstatic embodiment

- Water/Heart is a healing space, inviting stillness, holding, rest, and soothing touch

- Fire/Sex is the play space, enticing you deeper into the infinite possibilities of pleasure and sensation

- Earth/Body is the food quarter, providing tasty treats, and a space to kick back, converse, and connect

You are welcome to indulge in as much or as little of each as you feel drawn to on the night.

Weaving together magical ritual, safer sex protocol, and a skilled team of facilitators, Koinonia offers a safe and sacred space that is more than a sex party – extending permission to every facet of the individual, sows the seeds of community, and opening a doorway into Tribe.

You can find out more about Koinonia and Person Positive Spaces here: http://makinglovewithgod.co.uk/workshops/koinonia/

The event will take place in a deliciously kitted out venue in East London*. Doors will open at 5:30, and the Opening Circle will begin at 6pm, at which point the doors will shut. The Closing Circle will be at around 11:00pm.

Entry costs £20 before the 17th of July, and £30 thereafter (£25 low income.) There will be no tickets on the door, so book your place, or find out more, by contacting

  * Sadly, this venue is less accessible than our previous one, but do get in touch if accessibility is an area of concern for you; we will do all that we can to assist you in attending the event.


Date 03 September 2016
Price £20.00
Location London (address on booking)
Sorry, this item is now fully booked.

Sat 3rd to Thu 8th August 2019, at EarthSpirit Centre, Dundon, Somerset, UK

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