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Full entry for the entire festival (Saturday afternoon until after lunch on Thursday.)  The price includes your meals, access to the spa, workshops, events, parties and everything else going on.  The only extra's are the option to buy cakes and treat's from the cafe.

Caravan - caravans are for one or two people. There are only a limited number so it is worth booking early if you want to try for one of these (only some caravans have a portaloo but all are close to bathroom facilities).

Best suited to two people together. If you are one person and wish to book Caravan, please get in touch with us before you book.


Date 22 August 2020
Available places 7
Location Earth Spirit Centre

Ticket types

Ticket Type Price Available places
Standard £510.00 2

Location Map

How To Book

You can read about each option by clicking on the image (or title).
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How to Pay

Easiest way is to simply book and then pay by credit/debit card.  If you wish to pay by bank transfer or cheque, or by instalments on a payment plan, please contact us first before making your booking.

Please note that we charge a booking fee of 1.7% of the total which is added for all payments, no matter what method is used for payment.

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Sat 22 to Thu 27 August 2020, at EarthSpirit Centre, Dundon, Somerset, UK

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